• Assurance of Quality is necessary at every stage of Exploration Activities. It starts from designing a project through procedure, practices and implementation till processing and data finalization.
  • Quality Control Department functions as a link between Seismic Crews, Seismic Data Processing Center, Prospect Generation Department and Geophysical Operation Department throughout the execution of project.
Objectives & Functions
  • QC department is responsible for Planning & designing of 2D/3D seismic data acquisition parameters for seismic crews operating all over the country. Meza Software is used for this purpose.
  • Prior to start the data acquisition in the project area
  • the QC professionals carry out study of the previous acquired data of the area then conduct further experiments in the field for final selection of the data acquisition parameters. 
  • Highly skilled QC professionals are deputed in the seismic parties to ensure close monitoring of seismic data quality and implementation of recommended seismic acquisition parameters.
Omega 2 & ProMAX  On-site Processing System
  • State of the art seismic data processing systems are functioning at QC office Islamabad and seismic parties. 
  • These systems are used to check each and every shoot, its data quality and all other aspects to enhance Signal to Noise ratio (S/N ratio) so that highest possible seismic data quality may acquired as per industry standards.
  • Due to interactive capability, QC Stacks are also being made with this system.
  • M.Phil & Postgraduate professionals with experience of up to 30 years.