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GEOLOGICAL WELL SUPERVISION (GWS) : As an associate of Prospect Generation, Drilling, and Reservoir Management departments, the core area of responsibility of Geological Well Supervision is to ensure the implementation of geological drilling programs at well sites. The professionals of GWS are dealing with first hand well site information in terms of direct data acquisition, real time monitoring and well site geological supervision.
Objectives & Functions
  • To extend its expertise for effective implementation of geological drilling program of OGDCL at well sites during drilling phase for its successful accomplishment.
  • To provide 24 hrs. well site geological supervision by on site evaluation of drill cuttings, cores, hydrocarbon shows etc. to OGDCL operated wells.
  • Coordinating the geological operations and formation evaluation activities.
  • Ensuring the appropriate and accurate acquisition of well data while drilling.
  • Dissemination of well data to the relevant departments and JV partners.
Human Resource
  •  The Department comprises 50 geological professionals who are highly trained and experienced in well site geology and to assist the decision making process.
  •  GWS professionals have 2-30 years experience of wellsite geology of Pakistan and have successfully handled a number of contract and joint venture assignments.
  • Geological Well Supervision Department is working as part of Geological Services Division of Exploration Directorate. 11 teams comprising of 03 to 04 geological professionals are working at well-sites which are directly controlled by 02 Managers at Head Office, Islamabad.
  • Geological Well Supervision Department has compiled more than 789 End of Well Reports of OGDCL wells drilled so far.