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Future Outlook of OGDCL
During the last five decades, OGDCL has covered significant distance. It has braved myriad challenges to endorse its position in the industry today, such as earning the coveted status of a self-sustaining and self-reliant organization, and embracing a progressive corporate culture. No wonder today, OGDCL has attained the benchmark position as an industry leader, in the Pakistan E&P industry. OGDCL has a strong vision and passion to contribute to the development of the Country’s E&P sector and to enhance energy security of Pakistan. With a formidable presence in the length and breadth of the country, OGDCL is looking beyond geographical boundaries for E&P opportunities. Efforts are continuing towards formulation of Joint Ventures with leading E&P companies both within the country and abroad.
OGDCL has a highly significant role to play in narrowing the yawning divide between demand and supply of energy in Pakistan. As we step forth to embrace this daunting challenge, we do it with vision and commitment. We have a futuristic business strategy in place, which seeks to promote and protect the interests of all stakeholders-employees, shareholders, partners, communities and people.
The Company, equipped with its Strategic Business plan in line with augmenting energy supply in the Country, has developed strategies to optimize reserves additions and its production base. With technical prowess in onshore exploration and production, the Company has changed focus to a more challenging area i.e. offshore exploration and tight gas reservoirs. OGDCL is actively participating in national bid rounds for acquiring more acreages and gearing to participate in International bidding rounds to work towards international presence in line with its Vision. OGDCL also intends to enhance its reserves and to focus on, and strengthen core business (E&P) functions by incorporating international best practices and innovative thinking in Company culture. In addition, the Company is enhancing corporate goodwill through focused CSR initiatives for the benefit of the communities that OGDCL interacts with.