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Reservoir Management
Reservoir Management Department was established in 1988 to have a vital missing link between Exploration and Production departments. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) played an important role in the formulation and training of professionals of this department. This department is presently responsible for development and reservoir management of 86 operated fields and 40 non-operated joint venture fields.
  1. To Develop Oil & Gas Discoveries into full fledged producing fields
  2. To Optimize the Field Production Rates for maximum ultimate recovery from the oil & gas fields
  3. To Evaluate the Hydrocarbon Reserves & undertake the Economic Evaluation of oil & gas fields
  4. To Design Enhanced Oil Recovery Schemes for depleting reservoirs
  5. To Evolve and Update the Geological & Petrophysical Models of reservoirs in new and developed oil/gas fields.
  6. To conduct fully integrated 3rd Party Reservoir Simulation Studies of oil & gas fields
  7. To Monitor the Development and Reservoir Management of all non-operated joint venture fields
  8. To carryout Petrophysical interpretation of all exploratory and development wells.
In order to achieve above mentioned objectives, the Reservoir Management Department is divided into six divisions. All divisions are headed by a Manager and their professionals work very closely and in an integrated manner.
  1. Reservoir Monitoring Division-North Center South
  2. Development Geology Division -North Center South
  3. Petrophysical Division
  4. Reservoir Study Division
  5. Reserves Evaluation Division
  6. Workovers and EOR Division
We have 16 reservoir engineers, 17 Geologists and 3 Petrophysicists at present. Most of these have 07+ years practical experience in petroleum industry. Most of the professionals hold Masters and Bachelors degrees. Couple of professionals are foreign qualified. Some professionals are specially trained for their jobs through CIDA and are working in this department since its inception in 1988.
Following software packages are being used by our professionals:
  1. Eclipse Reservoir Simulation software (used by Reservoir Engineers).
  2. Sapphire - Well Test Analysis(used by Reservoir Engineers).
  3. ERGO for Economic Evaluation(used by Reservoir Evaluation Division).
  4. OFM (Oil Field Manager) (used by Reservoir Engineers).
  5. Geoframe Software for Geological & Petrophysical Analysis (Geological Division).
  6. TechLog for Petrophysical Analysis(Geological & Petrophyses Division).
  7. Corel Draw & AutoCad for geological illustrations (Geological Division).
  8. Petrel software for Geological & Simulation modeling (Reservoir Engineers).
  9. MERAK Volts (Schlumberger) for Reserves Tracking System (used by Reservoir Evaluation Division).
  10. Ma+Bal (Weatherford) for material balance
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