KPD-TAY Integrated Development Project


KPD-TAY Plant is located adjacent to Company’s existing Kunnar LPG plant in Sindh Province and about 25 Kilometers from Hyderabad City. OGDCL has completed the Early Production Facilities (Project Phase-I) and at present OGDCL is producing 1100 BPD of Oil and 100 MMSCFD gas without LPG/NGL extraction. 

OGDCL plans to develop KPD-TAY Integrated (Project Phase-II) by installing Wellhead facilities and Flow lines for 29 wells, 25 Kilometer long Trunk Line (Dia 12”), gas gathering system, Dehydration plant, Amine plant, LPG Plants, Hot Oil system, Power Generation, Sale Gas/ Wellhead Compression, Sale Gas Metering, and Allied Utilities to process 250 MMSCFD raw gas. The production upon the completion of project is Gas 225 MMCFD, LPG 410 M.Tons/day and Oil 5100 BOPD.

The major part of project was awarded to M/S Shangdong Kerui on EPCC basis and remaining supplies & works was awarded to five (05) PC Contractors. All the contractors have completed the project activities in their scope.

PROJECT COMPLETED. Supply of On Spec Gas to SSGCL started from 01.09.2016, LPG production started on 14.12.2016. System normalization in process to achieve full capacity production.