Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khosa

General Manager (Prospect Generation-Exploration)

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khosa joined OGDCL in the year 1988. He completed his M.Sc. in Applied Geology from the University of Punjab, Lahore during the same year. He has a diversified experience in the E&P sector starting as Assistant Test Geologist at the well site till the year 1994.  Later, he joined the Prospect Generation department at the Head office of the Company. During his career in OGDCL, he has worked across the Indus, Balochistan, and Offshore Basins of Pakistan. In addition to the in-land prospect generation experience, he also holds added experience to evaluate the different overseas prospective blocks. Moreover, he has participated in various specialized geological studies especially the Pakistan Basin Studies project for the future exploration strategies in Pakistan. He has also served as an exploration ex-pat in the National Oil Company (NOC) of Libya for one year. Currently, he is working as  General Manager (Prospect Generation-Exploration) since December 01, 2021.