Projects Department

OGDCL Projects Department plans and executes Company’s Brown/Green Fields projects to meet Company’s production requirements and commitment made to its customers in order to meet Country’s energy requirements by Development of Projects.

Function of Projects Department

Development of new fields based on certified reserves, covering but not limited to the Facilities like Wellhead system, Wellhead Compression, Frontend/Nodal Compression Facilities, Flow lines, Gathering Stations, Gas Processing & Purification, Condensate/Crude Stabilization & Storage, LPG recovery & Storage, Allied Utility Systems, Sales Gas Compression, Sales Gas Metering Systems, Truck Loading Automations Systems and oil/LPG metering stations for the production of Pipeline/ Saleable Quality Gas, LPG, NGL and Sulfur.


Projects Department

Projects comprises of highly experienced multidisciplinary teams of seasoned professionals, participate in various engineering studies/design, technical Services, construction, contracts and project management. These teams work in a coordinated environment and efficiently perform to timely complete projects to reap maximum benefits in line with its’ strategic objectives and to ensure project’s quality & safety requirements are fulfill.