Petroleum Engineering & Facilities Engineering (PE&FD)
PE&FD has undergone from a support role of technical procurement to a fully functional independent engineering and field development department. Currently PE&FD hosts different working groups and sections such as Production facilities section, Planning & Development section, Corrosion Control & Inspections section, and Telemetry & Instrumentation section.

Its function includes conceptual design for new well development under Early Well Testing (EWT)/ Early Production Facility (EPF), development of green/brown oil & gas small and medium production fields and gathering system optimization, Well Tie-ins and procurement/ maintenance of rotating & stationary equipment’s are all parts of its work. Other than the above Production completions designing, planning & procurement as per industry standards consisting of X-mass Trees, Well Completion Packers, OCTG Material etc along with all accessories for all Rig Operations and services for the Upcoming/  Ongoing wells, Risk-Based Inspections of all plants, Corrosion prevention, control and monitoring programs using Pipeline Integrity Management, Cathodic Protection Systems & Chemical Treatment programs, Design, procurement and maintenance of Custody transfer metering including Sale Gas Metering & Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Scada/Instrumentation systems, Review of design & Hazop, AFE, tender documents, major activities of OGDCL & Joint Venture Projects and support to CE&SS for engineering / material support, Production operations at field level through active engineering official/staff development for routine maintenance & operational jobs.