Water Supply/Sanitation


OGDCL is proactively playing its role to help overcome shortage of clean drinking water for the communities residing around its business areas. The Company continues to supply clean drinking water through water tankers and bousers to the locals of Loti, Pirkoh, Tando Alam, Daru, Sari/Hundi, Thal, Rajian, Chak Naurang, Dhodak, Chanda and Nashpa fields through water bousers, through digging of tube wells and installation of pressure pumps.

In addition, OGDCL under CSR allocated Rs. 190 million to establish water channels/ pipelines for drinking and agricultural purpose to District Dera Bugti, Awaran Lasbella, Attock, Chakwal, Karak, Tando Allah Yar and Hyderabad.



Water supply at Rajian Oil    



     Water Point at Shakardara