OGDCL Goals & Core Values

Core Values

  • Merit
  • Integrity
  • Team Work
  • Safety
  • Dedication
  • Innovation

Goals Financial

  • Build strategic reserves for future growth/expansion 
  • Growth and superior returns to all stakeholders
  • Make investment decisions by ranking projects on the basis of best economic indicators
  • Maximize profits by investing surplus funds in profitable avenues 
  • Reduce cost and time overruns to improve performance results.


  • Continuously improve quality of service and responsiveness to maintain a satisfied customer base.
  • Improve reliability and efficiency of supply to the customer
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen 

 Learning & Growth

  • Motivate our work force, and enhance their technical, managerial and business skills through modern HR practices. 
  • Acquire, learn and apply state-of-the-art technology.
  • Emphasize organizational learning and research through effective use of knowledge management systems.
  • Fill the competency gap within the organization by attracting and retaining best professionals.
  • Attain full autonomy in financial and decision making matters.

Internal Processing Goals

  • Evolve consensus through consultative process inter-linking activities of all departments
  • Excel in exploration, development and commercialization
  • Be transparent in all business transactions
  • Synergize through effective business practices and teamwork
  • Have well-defined SOP’s with specific ownerships and accountabilities
  • Improve internal business decision making and strategic planning through state-of-the-art MIS
  • Improve internal controls
  • Periodic business process reengineering.