Process & Plants

The finished petroleum products namely natural gas, crude, LPG and sulphur undergo multiple processing stages to get separated from undesired constituents and impurities of throughput coming from producing wells before these can be marketed to clients in downstream petroleum sector. In OGDCL this indispensable role is performed by Process and Plants Department.

Process and Plants Department works at the Company’s front end delivering uninterrupted supply of petroleum products to its clients with right specifications as stipulated with buyers. Industry’s best operation and maintenance practices along with high standards of HSEQ are utilized at processing facilities of the department to deliver the end products to its clients. The department also undertakes plant relocation, refurbishment and capacity enhancement projects in line with the changing production scenarios to deliver for the Company and its stake holders. Annual Turn Around (ATA) of plants are also carried out by the department to ensure year round peak performance of its processing facilities, and establish reliability of processing units.

The department operates and maintains gas condensate processing plants at all major producing fields of OGDCL. Presently Process and Plants Department operates 15 major and small plants located all around the country having gas dehydration, gas sweetening, gas compression, LPG recovery, crude stabilization and Sulphur production facilities.

  • Process & Plants