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Ordinary shares are listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX); GDSs are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

On all stock exchanges the ticker symbol is OGDC.

OGDCL reports all its financial statements in Pakistan Rupees (PRs).

You can download the latest Annual Report and Financial Statements from the Reports section of the website.

The Annual Report is available to download as a PDF file from the Reports section.

Go to the Presentations section for investor presentations given by OGDCL.

Yes. OGDCL is committed to environmental improvement and to ensuring high ethical standards in the conduct of its business. The Company's HSEQ report is available in the Corporate Governance section.

Each year existing shareholders will be invited to attend OGDCL's Annual General Meeting. If there is a particularly important matter to decide that cannot wait until the next AGM, shareholders may be called to an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Please see our Financial Calendar.

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These are payments that OGDCL pays to shareholders. A dividend is paid for each share, so the amount the shareholders receive depends on the number of shares he/she own. 

GDS holders are generally eligible for all dividends or other entitlements attaching to the underlying shares of OGDCL and receive all cash dividends in US dollars.

Any dividends the Company may pay in the future in respect of the Shares evidenced by the GDSs will be declared and paid to the Custodian for the Depository in Pakistani rupees. 

The Depositary will convert such dividends into U.S. dollars, to the extent practicable, and distribute them to holders of the GDSs, net of the Depositary’s fees and expenses.

Accordingly, the value of dividends received by holders of GDSs will be subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Pakistani rupee and the U.S. dollar.

Dividends are normally paid to shareholders as and when approved by the Board of Directors / shareholders.

The dividend policy of OGDCL is as follows:
The Board of Directors believes that dividends paid should strike a balance between ensuring sufficient capital is available for the Company to achieve its long term strategic objectives and providing shareholders with an attractive return on investment in the near term. Before making any recommendation for dividends to be paid, the Board of Directors will take into account factors including, but not limited to, the future prospects of the Company, future capital and operating expenditure plans of the Company, the Company’s financial results, interests of all shareholders, the Company’s capital structure and debt ratings and the cost of raising funds from alternate sources.
The final dividend is proposed by the Board of Directors and is approved by the shareholders of the Company in the Annual General Meeting. In addition, the Directors, through a Resolution may also declare the interim dividend(s) during the year.

A Global Depositary Share (GDS) is a share, evidenced by an GDR, that represents a specified number of underlying shares held in custody in the issuer's home market. The terms GDR and GDS are often used interchangeably. OGDCL GDSs, each representing 10 Ordinary Shares, are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the OGDC symbol. 
GDS holders are not members of the Company, but may instruct the Bank of New York on the exercise of voting rights relative to the number of Ordinary Shares represented by their GDS holding.

We are not able to provide advice to investors on share dealing. For advice on share dealing, please contact your stockbroker or independent financial advisor.

You can buy and sell OGDCL ordinary shares through a financial adviser or stockbroker, bank or institutions that offer a similar service. The commission charges for buying and selling shares vary between the different organizations.

Please refer to our Contact Us section.

The Bank of New York (BNY). The depositary bank plays a key role in the process of issuance and cancellation of DRs. It also maintains the DR holder register and distributes the dividends in U.S. dollars. The Bank of New York is a DTC (Depositary Trust Company) participant as are brokers & dealers, other banks, trust companies and clearinghouses.  For additional general information, please visit The Bank of New York's website at  and search for the OGDCL Profile Page.  Registered holders wishing to access their account with The Bank of New York (BNY acts as both DR depositary bank & registrar):
The Bank of New York  
Investor Services         
P.O. Box 11258            
Church Street Station
New York, NY 10286-1258
Toll Free Tel # for US callers: 1-888-BNY-ADRs
International Callers can call: (1) 212-815-3700
Broker Contact: 
New York    Jason Smith   (1) 212 815 3874
London     Joe Oakenfold (44) 2079646419

An ADR is a negotiable U.S. certificate representing ownership of shares in a non-U.S. corporation. ADRs are quoted and traded in U.S. dollars in the U.S. securities market. Also, the dividends are paid to investors in U.S. dollars. ADRs were specifically designed to facilitate the purchase, holding and sale of non-U.S. securities by U.S. investor, and to provide a corporate finance vehicle for non-U.S. companies. ADRs can be held in book-entry form or as a physical certificate.

A GDR is the same as an ADR but is typically not registered with the U.S. SEC on Form F-6, and are therefore generally restricted in terms of resales.

A company can access the U.S. and other capital markets through SEC Rule 144A and/or SEC Regulation S Depositary Receipt facilities without SEC registration. Rule 144A programs provide for raising capital through the private placement of Depositary Receipts with large institutional investors (often referred to as QIBs) in the United States. Regulation S programs provide for raising capital through the placement of Depositary Receipts offshore to non-U.S. investors in reliance on Regulation S.

Regulation S clarifies the conditions under which offers and sales of securities outside the United States are exempt from SEC registration requirements. Regulation S was adopted by the SEC in 1990 in conjunction with the adoption of Rule 144A. These measures, taken together, significantly enhance the liquidity of a private placement or global offering.

SEC rule permitting Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) to trade privately-placed securities without one or two years holding requirement, thereby substantially increasing the liquidity of those securities.

OGDCL has appointed M/s Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited as its Registrars effective from April 24, 2013. The Registrars manage OGDCL's share register on its behalf. They are responsible for ensuring the shareholder details are recorded accurately, transfer of physical shares, dispatch of dividends, etc.

For shareholder enquiries such as changing shareholder name, address, dividend payments and shareholder certificates, please contact our Registrars by writing to: 
M/s Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited.
Share Registrar Department 
CDC House,99-B, Block-B, S.M.C.H.S.
Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-74400.
Phone: 0800-CDCPL (23275) 
Fax: (92-21) 34326053