Petroleum Engineering & Facilities Engineering (PE&FD)

PE&FD has undergone from a support role of technical procurement to a fully functional independent engineering and field development department. Earlier, it had carried out OGDP I & II procurements under ADB loaning regime, but now it has embarked upon the engineering prequalification  of materials, deisgn simulation review capability and FEED consultancy regime as well. Currently PE&FD is host to following working groups and sections:


1-      Project & New Development activities section

2-      Production facilities section

3-      Petroleum Engineering section

4-      Material & Budget section

5-      Corrosion section

6-      PDMS/Data Handling section

7-      SCADA/ Telemetry section

8-      Simulation section


In addition to these- in house working, PE&FD supports various OGDCL departments such as:


1-      CE&SS for engineering and material support with contractors supervision at site.

2-      Production operations support at field level through active engineering official/staff development for routine jobs.

3-      QA/QC under inspection & supervision for Production Plant Assets

4-      Joint venture under non-operated support for TCM/OCM approvals.