Archive Tenders

Tender Enquiry No Description Bid Closing Bid Opening Publishing Tender Type Tender Category Tender Release Download
OGDCL-SCM/FA/CB/P&P/UCH-6200000060/2022 Procurement of water treatment chemical 20/02/23 11:00 20/02/23 11:3018/01/23 Foreign Goods Press
OGDCL-SCM-FC-CB-PROJ-KH-10005672-2023 Hiring of engineering consultant for adequacy check of existing complete gas processing circuit at sinjhoro including water bath heater, filter coalescer and flare system for accomodating 10 to 15 mmscfd raw gas of suleman wells 16/02/23 11:00 16/02/23 11:3013/01/23 Web Tender Services Limited
SER/CB/DO-6400000098/2022 Hiring of under balance drilling services 16/02/23 10:30 16/02/23 11:0010/12/22 Services Services Press
OGDCL-SCM/FD/CB/ECMP-6200000050/2022 Procurement of 50 nos man portable shot hole rigs (without compressor) drilling depth capacity 30 meter 01/02/23 11:00 01/02/23 11:3003/12/22 Foreign Goods Press
OGDCL-SCM/FD/CB/ECMP-6200000054/2022 Procurement of air compressor 200 psi (min), 430 cfm (min), skid mounted with canopy 24/01/23 11:00 24/01/23 11:3003/12/22 Foreign Goods Press
OGDCL-SCM/FD/CB/ECMP-6200000044/2022 Procurement of servo hydraulic seismic vibrators fitted with latest vibrators control electronics 23/01/23 11:00 23/01/23 11:3003/12/22 Foreign Goods Press
PROC-FA/CB/P&P/QAD-3382/2018 Dry gas seals for permeate turbo compressors lp/hp k-2721 man 15/08/18 12:00 15/08/18 12:0012/07/18 Foreign Goods Press