Training Programs

Geophysics & Geoinformatics

Title Download
List of Suggested Trainings Download
GP-101: Seismic Acquisition & Quality Control Download
GP-102: Seismic Data Processing Download
GP-106: Seismic Interpretation Download
GP-205: Seismic Velocities, Inversion & Rock Physics Download
GP-401: 3-D Seismic Data Acquisition & Survey Design Download
GP-403: Output Input Language for Geoscientific Data Formatting Download
GP-404: Geodetic Surveying & GIS Mapping Download
GP-405: Seismic Refraction, Statics & Tomostatics Download
GP-407: Seismic Recorder System Tests Download
GP-409: Seismic & Digital Signal Processing Download
GP-410: Digital Geological Columns & Sections Download
GP-411: Seismic Attributes Download
GP:412: Gassmann Fluid Substitution and AVO/AVA Modeling Download
GP-413: Geostatistical Techniques for Geoscientists & Reservoir Engineers Download
GI-103: Advance Excel for Scientific, Engineering & Management Applications Download
PE-Flowing Well Performance Download
GL-Petroleum Geology Download
GL-Core Analysis Download