Archive Tenders

Tender Enquiry No Description Bid Closing Bid Opening Publishing Tender Type Tender Category Tender Release Download
TE/NOF/M/11/2023 Procurement of short spares for top end overhauling of waukesha engine sale gas unit “b” 06/12/23 04:00 06/12/23 04:3017/11/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/21/QP-INST/2023 Hiring of technical services for man turbine control system hima hi-matrix f35 controller along with siemens samtice s7-400 01/12/23 10:30 01/12/23 11:0017/11/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/TGF/TELE/02/2023 Upgrading and expanding existing installed cctv system (as per list attached, annex-b) 30/11/23 11:00 30/11/23 11:3016/11/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/ TELEMETRY/TOC/PE&FD/2023/002 Supply of material with services of design, installation, commissioning and testing of early streamer emission lightning protection system at crude oil storage tanks and plant areas at toc central facility 29/11/23 11:00 29/11/23 11:3014/11/23 Web Tender Goods/Services Limited
TE/BOGF/M/012/2023 Purchase of gaskets and studs for dpr unit of wali plant 29/11/23 04:00 29/11/23 04:3014/11/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/02/MR-PROD/2023 Hiring of operation and maintenance services for a period of 04 months for maru gas compressor 27/11/23 10:00 27/11/23 11:0013/11/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/KNR/TELE/PE&FD/02/23 Procurement of carrier gas cylinders for sale gas metering skid at kpd-tay field 27/11/23 10:00 27/11/23 11:0010/11/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/SGF/2023/MECH/02 Hiring of services for welding & fabrication of piping spools for sinjhoro-bobi gas transfer project 25/11/23 10:30 25/11/23 11:0008/11/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/MOF/ELECT/10/2023 Hiring of 250-300 kw, 415 volts, 50hz gas generator with sound proof canopy 01 prime and 01 standby of same capacity & fuel along with synchronization/changeover panel for mela oil field on rental basis from period from 17th december 2023 to 16 june 2024 27/11/23 10:30 27/11/23 11:0008/11/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/COF/M/07/2023 Spares for rebuilding of head of cat g-3412 engine of chanda plant 21/11/23 04:00 21/11/23 04:3002/11/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
CSR/8155/2023 Re-Tender Hiring of hiace (ambulance) for social welfare dispensary at nashpa, district karak 17/11/23 11:00 17/11/23 11:3001/11/23 Web Tender Services Limited
CSR-6032-2023 Sewing machines 15/11/23 11:00 15/11/23 11:3030/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/WOF/09/ 2023 Calibration gas cylinder/ standard blend (for custody transfer gas chromatograph calibration, as per annex b) 14/11/23 11:00 14/11/23 11:3030/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/ TELEMETRY/TOC/PE&FD/2023/003 Supply and services for the complete installation and commissioning of cctv system for the extension of existing cctv network at toc 11/11/23 11:00 11/11/23 11:3027/10/23 Web Tender Goods/Services Limited
TE/COF/M/08/2023 Fabrication and supply of pre-cooler of ajax compressor for chanda plant 24/11/23 04:00 24/11/23 04:3027/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/SGF/202 3/MECH/01 Supply of oil for cylinder and piston rod packing of reciprocating cameron compressors 11/11/23 10:30 11/11/23 11:0026/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/BOGF/M/011/2023 Purchase of valves and fitting material required for installation of condensate water bath heater at bettani plant 08/11/23 04:00 08/11/23 04:3023/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/NOF/HSEQ/01/2023 Procurement of 03 self-contained breathing apparatus-scba (45 minutes duration) for nashpa oil field 08/11/23 03:30 08/11/23 04:0023/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/TGF/TELE/01/01/2023 Procurement of  instrument fittings & material  for togh field 04/11/23 11:00 04/11/23 11:3020/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TGF/TELE/007/23-Re Procurement of helium gas cylinders for togh & dhok hussain fields 04/11/23 11:00 04/11/23 11:3020/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited