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Tender Enquiry No Description Bid Closing Bid Opening Publishing Tender Type Tender Category Tender Release Download
TE/BOGF/M/003/2023 Procurement of mechanical workshop tools for bettani plant 31/10/23 04:00 31/10/23 04:3012/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/10013744 /QPMECH/ 2023 Hiring of services for dismantling, rigging, loading of waukesha engine package a-1312 (compressor, engine, air cooler, piping & accessories) for shifting to kpd. 26/10/23 11:00 26/10/23 11:3011/10/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/MECH-P&P/WT/KPD-0008/LO/10/2023 Supply of lube oil for instrument air compressors at kpd-tay plant 30/10/23 03:00 30/10/23 03:3010/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/UCH/T&I/PE&FD/23/02-Re Refilling of helium cylinders of grade n5 (99.9992% pure) in 50-ltr cylinders at 200 bar having 10 m3 volume. valve outlet: bs3 30/10/23 10:00 30/10/23 10:3006/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/ TELEMETRY/TOC/PE&FD/2023/001 Supply of earthing/grounding material along with installation services at toc and satellite locations such as pasakhi, lashari and thora facilities. 21/10/23 11:00 21/10/23 11:3006/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/MECH/WT/COMP/KPD-0002/2023 Hiring of technical services for installation, pre-commissioning / commissioning of gas compressor package at kpd-tay plant. 20/10/23 03:00 20/10/23 03:3005/10/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/MECH/WT/KPD-0003/2023 Hiring of transportation & rigging services for gas compressor package at kpd-tay plant 20/10/23 03:00 20/10/23 03:3005/10/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/BOGF/09 /2023 Hiring of hydrology expert to conduct hydrological study of bettani oil & gas field, lakki marwat 20/10/23 11:00 20/10/23 11:3005/10/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/PE&FD/001/2023 Procurement of earthing systems for condensate bowzers at filling gantry of bettani field 18/10/23 11:00 18/10/23 11:3004/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/NOF/M/08/2023 Procurement of spares for waukesha 12v 275gl+ engine of nashpa plant 19/10/23 04:00 19/10/23 04:3003/10/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/67 Civil work required for work over job at well sono#02, sindh. 14/10/23 11:30 14/10/23 12:0028/09/23 Local Services Press
TE/03/SGF/PE&FD/2023 Procurement of coating material for laying of pipeline 4”, sch-80 from well sanghar x-1 to sinjhoro plant 14/10/23 10:30 14/10/23 11:0028/09/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/MMD/KBS-004/2023 Cctv procurement and installation/commissioning of cctv system for korangi base store(karachi, sindh, pakistan) 18/10/23 11:00 18/10/23 11:3028/09/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
CSR/8155/2023-Re Tender Hiring of hiace (ambulance) for social welfare dispensary at nashpa, district karak 11/10/23 11:00 11/10/23 11:3027/09/23 Web Tender Services Limited
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/68 Repair and maintenance work required at production, auto and foreign section sheds at kbs, karachi. 13/10/23 11:30 13/10/23 12:0027/09/23 Web Tender Services Limited
RCKT-CSR/2372/2023 - Re Tender Installation of 3kw solar system on existing water well for residents of kotka azad khel union council wateen sar , district lakki marwat. 12/10/23 11:30 12/10/23 12:0027/09/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/COF/M/06/2023 Procurement of spares of engines of chanda plant 10/10/23 04:00 10/10/23 04:3022/09/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
NOF/TE/TELE/0008/2023 Services for construction of earthing pits for nof-wells (as per list attached, annex-b) 05/10/23 11:00 05/10/23 11:3020/09/23 Web Tender Goods/Services Limited
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/66 Installation of fencing around 03 no evaporation ponds at qadirpur gas field, district ghotki, sindh. 06/10/23 11:30 06/10/23 12:0020/09/23 Web Tender Goods/Services Limited
TE-10012292-QPMECH- 2023 Hiring of services along with material for repair and start up of produce water pump(p-4406-g),type : reciprocating plunger ,(make : bear pump ,national oilwell varco model bd-120l, part no. b59d338t21l5dccyf06- nt) 05/10/23 03:00 05/10/23 03:3019/09/23 Web Tender Goods/Services Limited