Archive Tenders

Tender Enquiry No Description Bid Closing Bid Opening Publishing Tender Type Tender Category Tender Release Download
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/15-A Construction of pre-drilling engineering works at well kharo#01 (ex khewari x-1), sindh 12/04/23 11:30 12/04/23 12:0028/03/23 Local Services Press
NOF/TELE/004/2023 Re Helium gas cylinders (for custody transfer gas chromatograph calibration, as per annex b) 13/04/23 11:00 13/04/23 11:3028/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/26 Civil works required for repair / rehabilitation of assistant camp at efp-5 base camp, hyderabad, sindh 13/04/23 11:30 13/04/23 12:0028/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/SGF/2023/MECH/10007716 Supply of fittings required for modification job of bypass line of mercury guard bed 06/04/23 10:30 06/04/23 11:0027/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
PROC-SERVICES/NOF/MMD/02/2023 Hiring of double cabin model 2022 or up nashpa field store khyber pukhtonkhwa province 10/04/23 10:30 10/04/23 11:0024/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/24 Repair / roof treatment of buildings at qadirpur plant area, district ghotki, sindh 10/04/23 11:30 10/04/23 12:0022/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/COF/M/ATA/02/2023 Technical services for maintenance of 03 nos. ajax integral engine-compressors at chanda plant 11/04/23 03:00 11/04/23 03:3021/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/04/KNR-INST/2023 Supply of spares of valvo metal (3-way valves) installed at kpd tay plant 11/04/23 03:00 11/04/23 03:3020/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
OGDCL-SCM-CB-PROJ-JM-40000564-2023 Pc contractor for jhal magsi project 16/05/23 10:30 16/05/23 11:0018/03/23 Services Services Press
TE/COF /M/ATA/O1/2023 Technical services for ata-2023 maintenance jobs of chanda field 11/04/23 03:30 11/04/23 04:0017/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/WOF/02/2023/RE Supply of uniform set for guards, quantity = 340 sets, comprising of shalwar qamees, shoes and p-cap 01/04/23 10:00 01/04/23 10:3017/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
TE/DKN-10006993-2023 Supply of fiber glass sheet and square pipe for assistant camp parking shed at dakhni camp 03/04/23 11:00 03/04/23 11:3017/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/13-A Construction of en-route piquets outer side of wali dehydration plant, f.r lakki marwat, kpk 01/04/23 11:30 01/04/23 12:0016/03/23 Local Services Press
C&ESS/F.T/ 2023/23 Installation of mesh fence around workshop outer side of well#01 at dakhni oil field, district attock, punjab 01/04/23 11:30 01/04/23 12:0015/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE-DKN-100006988 Hiring of services for painting of ngl storage tanks and piping segments at dakhni plant 30/03/23 11:00 30/03/23 11:3015/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/MOF/ATA/01/2023 Hiring of technical services for maintenance jobs of ata-2023 30/03/23 03:00 30/03/23 03:3014/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
RCKT-CSR/2176/2022 Installation of 02 nos. solar based pressure pump 02 hp, 250 feet depth at kotka ayub & imranullah koroona, tehsil & district bannu 31/03/23 11:30 31/03/23 12:0014/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
CSR/2023/NOF-01/RE Hiring of coaster (31 seater) for pick and drop of local students of around nashpa oil & gas field, district karak 30/03/23 11:00 30/03/23 11:3013/03/23 Web Tender Services Limited
TE/10007292/QPMECH/ 2023 Purchase of lube oil (mysella s5n40) for waukesha engines installed in refrigeration area at plant 25/03/23 11:00 25/03/23 11:3010/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited
NOF/TELE/004/2023 Helium gas cylinders (for custody transfer gas chromatograph calibration, as per annex b) 24/03/23 11:00 24/03/23 11:3009/03/23 Web Tender Goods Limited